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Fall 2016 17

Young spotted this small ad in

Hemmings for a company that will

relocate (transport) your car, door-

to-door between any two locations

in the fifty states and Caribbean. Of

course, the car they use in their ad

is something that will catch your

eye – like a 289 Cobra.

Hutchinson caught this unique

snake umbrella holder in a

Jonathan Adler catalog. It offers

chic home furnishings, accessories

and other decorative objects. It’s

enough to make you start carrying

an umbrella.

Warren sent this photo of a SAAC

show in Louisiana which had, as part

of its display, a Shelby bicycle. They

were offered a few years ago, produced

by someone with SC’s permission

(read “royalty”). We’re surprised that

somebody actually bought one (we re-

call they weren’t exactly giving them

away) but they make good wall-hang-

ers, as this one demonstrates.

You can probably be forgiven for not

knowing about William Randolph

Hearst’s nineteen-year old grand-

daughter Patty Hearst’s kidnapping in

1974 in Berkeley, California by the

Symbionese Liberation Army and her

staged participation in a bank robbery.

After all, that was over forty years ago.

But Jim Hutchinson spotted this pic-

ture of her in a

NY Times

book review.

Hutchinson alerted because the SLA’s

emblem was a seven-headed cobra.

Leave it to Young to catch this ad

for car care products that used a ‘65

GT350 to underscore a passion for

cars. It is an attention grabber and

the car needs no explanation.

That’s why some other car like, say,

a Plymouth Valiant, Ford Pinto or a

Studebaker Golden Hawk wasn’t


Warren claims he was looking on a

website called “ebags” to see if they

had the Carroll Shelby luggage

that came out in 2007 for the new

GT500s. It seems that a famous de-

signer named Ann Shelby had

purses, but not the ones Warren

had in mind. That did not stop him

from taking great pains to explain

that he was


searching for

ladies’ purses. Ok, if you say so...