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Fall 2016 20

Doug Cresanta found this still-un-

opened CD at a local flea market in

Florida. Imagine listening to 20 coun-

try hits while cruising around in your

‘67 Shelby.

Eagle eye karma. Driving to Mid-Ohio

for SAAC-41, we were barely into town

when Colleen Kopec alerted like a re-

triever in the tall grass. This sign was

out near the sidewalk in front of a win-

dow tinting business in Lexington,

Ohio. It signalled that the convention

was off to a good start.

Just when I thought I was out...they

pull me back in

.” With apologies to

Michael Corleone, we thought we’d

seen the last of eagle eye Bob

Barranger. But it appears he devel-

oped a habit he cannot break. He saw

this Chubb insurance ad and his knee-

jerk reaction was to send it to us. It’s

going to take more than that to get

him back into the eagle eye wars.

Rod Hengst of Mertztown, Pennsylva-

nia spotted this Shelby-Williams office

chair on Craigslist. Shelby-Williams,

in Morristown, Tennessee advertises

itself as the leader in commercial office

furniture. Hengst said, “not sure this

is what I would envision had Shelby

and Williams teamed up on a F1 proj-

ect.” Stranger things have happened.

Tom Brumley of Findlay, Ohio never

expected to see a Cobra reference in

the magazine he was reading, titled

World War II

. Well, it was sort of a ref-

erence. The magazine article was

about German paratrooper com-

mander Frederich von der Heydte who

was wounded and captured by U.S.

forces after his unit parachuted into

the Ardennes in December, 1944.. He

was subsequently given the prisoner

number CSX157. Making Brumley an

eagle eye.

This 6-foot high silkscreened banner

was spotted hanging inside an en-

closed trailer at SAAC-41. The “Going

To The Sun” road is a spectacular two-

lane highway, 50 miles long, that inter-

sects Glacier National Park and

crosses the Continental Divide.