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Fall 2016 23

The Shelby Hamfest in Shelby, North Carolina? Really? Or how about the

Shelby Amateur Radio Club? Cresanta keeps finding these esoteric Shelby ref-

erences. We can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s an eye-catching full-page ad for

a new high end classic car dealership

opening in London, England. The

GT40 is P/1059. The magazine the ad

was placed in was

Sports Car Market


We’ve referenced this before, but the

latest batch of photos on Car Guy

Garage have some interesting ones.

And we’ve identified some SAAC

members sending in photos of their

garages to get their free t-shirt. In

case you’re not aware, Car Guy

Garage is a mail order business that

sells all types of garage equipment,

cabinets, floor treatments and the like.

If you send them a photo of your

garage they will post it (there are hun-

dreds on there at any given time) and

if you were wondering where all the

metal signs, posters and other knick-

knacks you see at swap meets end up,

just check out some of these photos. It

seems like some people spend more

time decorating their garage walls

than they do working on their cars!