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Fall 2016 12



Artist Jimmy Kaufman likes to be un-

predictable and this 49˝ x 69˝ acrylic

painting is every bit of that. The jux-

taposition of three of the Mount Rush-

more Presidents in a 427 Cobra does

make you stop and think, although

we’re guessing that Teddy Roosevelt

would not have much trouble handling

500 horses. Kaufman is also a movie

producer and director with over 300

films and television shows to his cred-

its. The silver Cobra in the painting is

his Superformance 427. His website is

very interesting and he posts pictures

from his many road trips in the car.

You may want to check it out:

An upper tier event like the Pebble Beach Concours typically attracts top level artists because, well... that’s where the

money is. If you’re offering a $5,000 sculpture or painting you won’t waste your time displaying it at the local flea mar-

ket. The Pebble Beach concours is a nice fit for artists like David Chapple of Marshall, Michigan [


] and Richard

Pietruska from Los Angeles [


]. They were both astute enough to have Ford GT-inspired sculptures among their

displays. Our photog Bill Fulk lingered long enough to grab a few shots but not long enough to get his wallet open.