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Fall 2016 22

Jeff Gregg was accompanying his son

Gunnar at a Wisconsin Dells arcade

when they happened on this Cobra

video game. Naturally, Gunnar hopped

in the driver’s seat and it was difficult

to explain what “game over” meant.

Sure looks like a cobra to us. We spot-

ted this racing team logo on the side of

a Can-Am Lotus V8 from the mid-

1960s. “Ecurie” is

French for stable, a

common term for a

group of cars raced by a

team. The “SF” on the

Ferrari prancing horse

logo stands for “stabile

Ferrari,” Ferrari’s racing team.

Doug Henry’s dealership in Kinston, North Carolina is advertised on this large

billboard. When Doug Cresanta spotted it he wondered how many ‘69 Shelbys

Henry had in his inventory? After all, if he only had one car on the lot would it

make sense to advertise it on a billboard? What is he going to tell potential

buyers who are attracted to his business: “

Sorry, we don’t have any of those

left. But perhaps I might interest you in a really sweet, low mileage ‘62 Ply-

mouth Valiant?

Here’s an example of what it takes to

be an eagle eye: picking out the small

image of a Cobra on a full-page car

show flier. The eagle eye belongs to

Doug Cresanta who notes that this

event, held in Lutz, Florida, is being

put on by a Chevy dealer. You’d think

they could at least use a Corvette or

Camaro on their own flier. But we all

know that a Cobra has drawing power.

Colleen Kopec was settling down to

watch the National Geographic chan-

nel, expecting to see the exploits of

cute and fuzzy hamsters, chipmunks

or prairie dogs but she found herself

staring at a hooded cobra. The show

was called “Cobra Mafia” and it was

immediately obvious it wasn’t going to

be about the Brooklyn gangster

Carmine “The Snake” Persico, Boss of

the Columbo crime family who is cur-

rently serving a 139-year sentence in

federal prison. The cobra family in this

program were reptilian assassins

more deadly than any mafia goomba.

If this billboard doesn’t catch your eye

it might be time to consider a sub-

scription to

Knitting & Quilting Quar-


. They could have chosen any

other car for this ad: a Corvette,

Porsche or Ferrari. But they didn’t.