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Most of the time we prefer Cobra

artwork that has fine detail and sharp

focus. But once in a while we see some-

thing like Austrian artist Klaus Wag-

ger’s illustration of Ken Miles driving

CSX2431, his famous “Heim-Joint”

USRRC competition roadster at River-

side. It makes us rethink our predilec-

tion for Cobra art.

Posters are a great way to publi-

cize an event, although by the time

anyone sees them the event is usually

over. But they provide a visceral re-

minder of having been there. Good

ones don’t get packed away – they are

framed and hung somewhere where

they can be seen on a daily basis. In

the old days they would have simply

been stapled or taped to the garage

wall, but today everyone shows a little

more class. Maybe that’s because

posters cost more than they used to, or

maybe we have just developed more

respect for them.

By the time you see this the

Shelby American Collection’s 20th An-

niversary Celebration on September

3rd will be history. But that doesn’t

mean you missed the boat on this

poster. They are available for $15

through the museum’s website:

If you’re curious about Klaus Wag-

ger’s body of work, check out his web-

site. He has been a busy guy and has

painted just about every kind of race

car you can think of, from vintage to

modern. They’re all portrayed at


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