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Fall 2016 15

Steve Sloan starts off his email with,

Just in case you haven’t already seen

this one...

” Yeah, right: like there’s a

snow cone’s chance in hell that we

know anything about Ali Wong – a

pregnant stand-up comedian. Netflix

is producing this comedy special:

She’s fierce, filthy and very pregnant.

And after finally finding her Mr. Per-

fect, she dreams of never having to

work again..

.” We’re not sure where

the “Baby Cobra” comes from but if

you have a propensity to gamble, you

might not want to bet against us

knowing any more about this than we

do right now.

Doug Cresanta reports that you can ride the Cobra’s Curse in any of four

theme parks: SeaWorld in Orlando, Aquatica in Orlando, Busch Gardens in

Tampa Bay or Adventure Island in Tampa Bay. Here’s a challenge: we’ll award

a special prize (worth over $200) to anyone who rides all four Cobra’s Curses

while wearing a Cobra t-shirt and can prove it. A photo will suffice. Should be

fairly easy, no? Two of them are in Orlando and two in Tampa Bay. It’s not like

we’re bouncing you all over the country. You’ll get your prize and your photo


The Shelby American,

and you will likely become famous in the bargain. A

hero to small children.

Steve Sloan saw cobras in this comic

strip. These things just seem to pop up

out of nowhere for some people.

We have been expecting to see an onslaught of Ford GT/LeMans posters, books

and assorted trivia and collectibles so these LeMans commemorative posters

come as no surprise. Howard Pardee spotted them. They are from Unique &

Limited Gallery in the Czech Republic. Size is approx. 20˝ x 28˝ and the price

is $45 each or $135 for the set of four. Not many collectors will have these in

their collection.