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Fall 2016 16

Master Eagle Eye Shake-Up: Barranger Steps Out

It looks like our spontaneous

eagle eye competition has finally

had a shake-out. Bob Barranger

hung his head solemnly and threw

in the towel, acknowledging that he

has had more of a drubbing than he

can take. “

At the beginning I

thought this would be a piece of


,” said Barranger. “

I was seeing

Shelby and Cobra stuff everywhere

I looked, but lately my usual

sources seem to have all dried up. I

keep coming up empty. I don’t know

how these other eagle eyes do it.

I’m not someone who runs around

crying ‘conspiracy’ at the drop of a

Shelby hat but how well have these

other master eagle eyes been vet-

ted? Are they really turning this

stuff up on their own or could they

be using anonymous minions who

comb the weeds for them, find

something, and then pass it on to

one of these top guns who then

send it in and claim the laurels. I

don’t have any proof. I’m just sayin’

it could be true. Is anyone putting

them under the microscope? This

whole master eagle eye thing

seems to be pretty loosey-goosey.”

A package arrived at his office and Doc

Warren scanned the mailing label to

see if it offered a clue as to what might

be inside. Who among us hasn’t done

that? The word “Shelby” caught his

eye immediately (as it would any eagle

eye worthy of the name) and he imme-

diately started thinking what might

be inside: tickets to Pebble Beach? A

‘66 GT350 tachometer? An original

Cobra nose badge? A ‘65 GT350 own-

ers manual? Keys to an original ‘67

GT500 Nightmist Blue with Parch-

ment interior? With high expectations

he carefully opened the box to discover

only some sample medications.

Car Craft

magazine goes through their photo-archives and pulls something

they’ve never used before for a current issue. Leave it to Young to zero in on

the Cobra valve cover and oil pan. In 1965,


covered Shelby American’s

build of a 390 horsepower dual-quad 289 Hi-Po engine which they installed

into a ‘65 Mustang project car.

Hutchinson was watching a PBS

Mystery program titled “Endeavor,”

broadcast in the middle of June.

The suspect had a cobra sculpture

on his desk.

Most enthusiasts can pick out a

small picture of a Cobra on a full

page of pictures. True eagle eyes –

like Young – can spot a Cobra in the

blink of a eye. An eagle eye.

Hutchinson couldn’t help noticing

this luxe gold snakeskin purse in a

Bergdorf Goodman ad. Want one?

Get ready to shell out $2,950.