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Fall 2016 19

We’re trying to picture what hap-

pened when Ted Warren innocently

wandered into WalMart’s plumbing

department looking for something

to unclog a drain. His eye was

caught by the name “Cobra” - a

brand name for a product. But wait!

Not one product – but a whole prod-

uct line. Suddenly everywhere he

looked he saw the name “Cobra.”

His pulse shot up to about 180, his

mouth dried out and he started

sweating profusely, he experienced

a shortness of breath, heart palpita-

tions, tremors in his hands and a

nervous tic as his eyes began blink-

ing uncontrollably. He was obvi-

ously going into eagle eye overload.

He was led away from the isle by

one of WalMart’s greeters who was

able to get him a drink of cold water

and help him get seated on the 25¢

pony ride near the door. He never

did get something to unclog his


With Monterey Car Week less than

a week away, Young noted a sudden

increase in the number of emails he

was receiving that hyped the indi-

vidual auctions, events, dealers’ of-

ferings and just about everything

else happening during that week.

And he also noted a large number

of these e-Blasts – like this one for

Collectors Car World Weekly

newsletter, featured images of Co-

bras, Ford GTs or Shelby Mustangs.

These advertisers know what at-

tracts attention, so they don’t waste

their time with Porsches, Ferraris,

Corvettes, Alfas, Lamborghinis or


Young sent us a picture of a sign

used to advertise a certain type of

seed used in a farm field. He didn’t

say where he saw it, not that it re-

ally matters.