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Fall 2016 21

More posters. Graphic designer and illustrator Arthur Schening offers dozens of posters on his website. They list for

$30 each (two for $45 and further discounts for other quantities). Size is 13˝ x 19˝. We picked five favorites from his


Roger Morrison of Salina, Kansas

spotted this cobra on a karate champi-

onship logo.

Brian Walshe of Scarsdale, New York

spotted this Cobra van in nearby

Yonkers. He was considering making

an offer for what may be a rare exam-

ple of Cobra memorabilia.

Why are we not surprised? Marianne

Russell has been a steadying influence

in husband Mike for 48 years. He is

the original owner of a Lime Gold ‘67

GT350 and it appears that she has ac-

quired some of his interest in his car,

likely by osmosis. She was reading a

copy of the August, 2016 issue of


ter Homes and Gardens

when her eye

was attracted to a picture of a Lime

Gold 1967 Shelby with white stripes.

Exactly like the one sitting in the

garage right below her. Coincidence –

or is something else going on here?

We thought this ad for uber exotic car

dealer Canepa was catchy. It was run

in a magazine that was published just

before the Fourth of July holiday.

Back in the Fall, 2015 issue we ran a

picture of a cobra lily that was sent to

us by Carl Gagnon as a bulb. He saw

“cobra” and couldn’t resist. Our thumb

isn’t even close to being green so we

put the bulb in the hands of a talented

gardener who happens to work in the

Sharon P.O.. Kelly buried the bulb and

watched over it, and sure enough it

came up and flowered. Then there was

the fall, followed by the winter. We re-

ally didn’t expect to see it again but it

popped up this spring and here it is in

full bloom. There’s a good chance it

could come back every year. Like Carl.

Doug Cresanta was on a roll. He saw

this garage in Arkon, Ohio while he

was traveling to the convention at

Mid-Ohio but didn’t need any work

done on his Shelby, so he kept going.

We can’t help wondering what the

“AB” stands for?

We spotted this fighter nose art at the

Air Force Museum at Wright-Patter-

son AFB in Dayton, Ohio.