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Fall 2016 18

The red Cobra (CSX3302) is an atten-

tion-getter in this full-page ad for the

Classic Car Auction in Greensboro,

North Carolina. No surprise that

Young spotted it.

The end of the year is “calendar

time” and Hutchinson found this

one on

As you would expect, it has some

excellent photography and the

price tag is a very un-Cobra $14.99.

They’re advertised as “Shoes of

Prey” and we’re not surprised that

Jim Hutchinson was the one who

found these snakeskin shoes. In the

past he has exhibited what some

might call a “shoe fetish” but we

prefer to be a little more kind and

say only that he has more than a

passing interest in this subject. He

also noted that there might be

some enthusiasm for these by

cross-dressers in the club – not that

there’s anything wrong with that.

We just want to go on record as not-

ing that he was the one who said

this, not us. We report, you decide.

One of Jim Hutchinson’s friends in England spotted this and alerted him

to this Stauer Raceway Watch and Shelby Cobra Gift Set. Naturally, he

passed it on to us. The website’s description says, “

Inspired by the dashboard

instruments of high-performance racing cars, the Raceway sports a pair of

racing stripes down the dial and a two-tome nylon band.With three subdials

and a tough case, you’ll be ready to roll wherever the road takes you!

” The

price was $299 but it has been slashed to only $99. Is this something you

absolutely must have?


Warren was surprised to see a 2016

Ford GT race car on his television

while he was watching a morning

news show. Bill Ford was on the

show talking about driverless cars.

Young was driving along, peacefully

minding his own business, when he

passed a large silver chemical tanker

and staring at him from the side of

the trailer was the name “Cobra.”

We’re not sure what they were trans-

porting but does that matter?