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Fall 2015 265

Automotive artist Dana Forrester

specializes in illustrations depicting

cars parked in front of dealership

brick walls. He uses one on his busi-

ness cards, which Young grabbed as

soon as he recognized the red ‘68

Shelby ragtop.

Young has the eagle eye. He picked

the 427 Cobra out of this full-page

Car Quest ad in record time.

We were going to describe this car as

a “new Ford GT” but Holy Mack-

erel – they’re ten years old already!

Young won’t win any eagle eye acco-

lades for this one: the car is front

and center in a full page ad in


& Track

. It is, nonetheless, interest-

ing that Continental chose this car

for their ad.

Young spotted this picture in one of

the street rod magazines that provide

him with so many of his wet dreams.

Sometimes he sees these eagle eye

sightings and gets so flummoxed that

he sends them to us without any infor-

mation. Like he’s expecting us to have

ESP and fill in the blanks. According

to this picture’s minimal caption, it’s

an original 427 Cobra that was com-

peting at a Good Guys autocross.

Where? When? Who knows, thanks to


Does Warren find Cobra stuff or

does it find him? This was on the

back of a roofing contractor’s truck.

Don’t ask us what it is...

Young saw this 1/32-scale slot car set

that has a Cobra and GT350 to burn

up twenty-feet of track. Fifty years ago

just about every car-kid had a set up

like this but the cars were nowhere as

nicely detailed.

We’ve seen a couple of magazines

with Ford’s new 2016 GT either

mentioned or pictured on the cover,

so this one, eyeballed by Warren on

a newsstand, isn’t the first one. And

it’s not going to be the last one. Es-

pecially next year when Ford fields

a team of GTs in the complete FIA

series of endurance races like Day-

tona and LeMans.We’ll have details.

Warren got an online email from a

company offering things you don’t nor-

mally see for sale, like speakers for

various events. This picture was in the

email but it had nothing to do with

anything they were selling.