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Fall 2015 263

Young’s eagle eye detected a tiny

photo of a Shelby in the July 2015

issue of

Motor Trend

. It was only

about the size of his thumb but he

recognized it as a GT350. It was ac-

tually the cover of Colin Comer’s lat-

est Shelby book, “Shelby Mustang:

Fifty Years.


was giving it to the

writer of the best letter to the editor.

Legendary Motorcars is a high-end classic car dealer in Ontario, Canada.

They also do paint and restorations. Yeah, they have a few Cobras in their

inventory. Ted Warren got one of their e-blasts and he was impressed with

this picture. So were we.

Cobra mascara? We’re going to be

watching Bob Barranger very closely

after he sent us this. Is he favoring

the Alice Cooper look?

This hand-crafted stained glass win-

dow probably isn’t one you might

find in a cathedral. It caught

Barranger’s attention when he saw

it in a craft shop. We recognize this

cobra design as being associated

with the GI Joe super hero comic

books and video games.

Something for the grandkids? This

“Wacky Tracks Cobra” was among the

last batch of stuff that Barranger sent

us. They are described as “fun fidget

toys” and we can understand why.

They can be bent endlessly and would

be great on a long trip in the backseat

of, say, a ‘67 Shelby.

Young spotted a Cobra in this ad for

a rod run and doo-wop show in West

Virginia. He’s just a doo-wop guy.