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264 Fall 2015

This ad for the 19th Annual “Cruisin’ The Coast” Mississippi Gulf Coast

cruise used a 427 Cobra to attract attention. And it caught Young’s attention.

Jim Hutchinson sent us this screen

grab from MSNBC’s hatchet-faced

liberal Rachel Maddow, using a vi-

sual of a Cobra on her show. He

claimed to be running through the

channels after watching a Sci/Fi

movie and this popped up on his

screen. According to Hutchinson,

Maddow was saying something

about Republican Presidential Can-

didate Sen. Ted Cruz but he claims

not to have paid any attention to it.

If you’ll recall, back in the Spring

2015 issue Hutchinson sent us evi-

dence of a different background

image of a Cobra on Maddow’s

evening baloneyfest. According to

the ratings, only a handful of people

watch her and the leftwing twaddle

she peddles nightly. Think about

this: what are the odds that

Hutchinson would just happen to

see Rachel Maddow when she is

using a visual of a 427 Cobra as she

was pontificating, not once but


! We were born at night...but

not last night. We suspect Hutchin-

son is spending a lot more time

watching Rachel Maddow than he is

willing to admit.

It’s never too early for Christmas.

Barranger saw these tree orna-

ments and couldn’t help buying

them. They will show up on his tree

in late December.

We have gotten some really far-out

things from Jim Hutchinson over

the past year or so but this one has

to be very near the top of the list.

This snake symbol is on a bottle of

French opiate-scented dental cream.

The product description states,

Brushing one’s teeth with one of

the scented dental opiates by L’Of-

ficine unerverselle Buly is a deli-




Using a brush with very soft bristles

and a nice, firm handle, this hygienic

protocol should be repeated several

times a day. The cleansing and

soothing properties of dental opi-

ates, along with their light and lus-

cious fragrance, make for a suave

and delectable breath – scented with

rose, apple and mint tea

.” A bottle is


29,00 (about $26.50).


Hot Rod

magazine article on the

World of Speed Museum in

Wilsonville, Oregon (just outside of

Portland) spotted by Young carried a

couple of pages of photos, including

this one that caught a 289 Cobra in

the bottom of the frame. The mu-

seum’s goal is to attract young people

and to spark their interest in automo-

biles as a career. Schools no longer

have auto shops and if students aren’t

college-bound, they often feel they are

headed into a dead end. There is cur-

rently a need for 100,000 auto me-

chanics in this country and the

occupation is increasingly more tech-

nical. All cars now employ on-board

computers and diagnostics play an im-

portant part in repairing them. This

museum includes a classroom, lounge

and a working shop. It is a good exam-

ple of what it takes to light the fire in

a youngster who is good with his

hands, but it’s going to take a lot more

than one facility in Portland. It is,

however, an excellent start.