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Fall 2015 261

Jay Talbott was reading the website and was curious about what the

40 excellent car ads from the swinging sixties

” might contain. His curiosity

turned into surprise, which was followed by satisfaction when the first handful

of ads in the collection turned out to be Shelby-related. We can’t vouch for the

fact that his curiosity ended there, or if he was moved to continue reading about

the hacked passwords on the Ashley Madison website. Naaaahh, not Jay.


We saw a small ad for Car Nut Images that was enough to make us take a look at their website < >. They offer photographic montages of specific cars, based on photos they

have taken at various vintage races in the northwest. They also do commissions of your own car

from professional photos you supply. They drop the backgrounds out so it’s not possible to tell at

what track the photo was taken so the emphasis is only on the car. Prices aren’t cheap and some

examples are: enlargements (8x10 for $30); prints on canvas (16x20 for $225); metal signs (11x14

for $56) and digital files ($200).We didn’t see any GT350s on their website’s menu but that’s likely

to change following the latest Monterey Motorsports Reunion GT350 celebration.

You can never tell where stuff like this

will turn up. Russ Dickey of Kearney,

Missouri, on vacation at Hilton Head,

South Carolina, spotted this GT40 MK

IV sippy-cup in one of those shops

crammed full of tourist junk. His sons,

7 and 9, were a little too old for some-

thing like this but there were only two

left on the shelf so he convinced his

wife, Sheila, that they could be used

for Margaritas-on-the-rocks.

Not much gets past Carl Gagnon of Ft. Meyers,

Florida. As soon as he heard about the recall of

Shelby’s chili mix he sounded the alarm. Shelby sold

his chili company to Kraft back in the late 1980s and

Kraft later sold it to Reily Foods Co. in New Orleans.

They market about twenty different food products.

The recall was set in motion when it was discovered

that one or more spice ingredients, purchased from

a third-party supplier, contained peanut and almond

allergens that are not declared on the label. The re-

call is for the 4-oz. package, UPC #72396-1000.