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Fall 2015 267

If there is a cobra reference in a vintage movie we can count on eagle eye Steve

Sloan of Pasadena, Texas to find it. The general plot of “The Smiling Ghost,” a

1941 release, is that three previous fiances of a wealthy heiress all met horrible

fates, one of which was being bitten by a cobra on the 18th floor of a Boston

hotel which was not an accident. An inept private detective is hired to be fiance

number four in order to smoke out the killer, nicknamed “The Smiling Ghost”

because of his appearance.

Sidenote: among the cast is Alan Hale, father of

Alan Hale, Jr. who played the skipper on “Gilligan’s Island.”

Dana Mecum is a busy boy. He and his

minions put on about 18 auctions a

year, all over the country. They use a

fair number of Shelbys and Cobras in

their ads. This 1968 GT500 was used

for their Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

event. We’re wondering why they

didn’t name it the “Bill Collins Invita-

tional” because it’s in his backyard

and we wouldn’t be surprised if he was

on a buying and/or selling spree. Prob-

ably a little of both. Collins will be a

busy boy that weekend, too.

As soon as Howard Pardee saw this ad he said, “

Oh yeah – I’ll buy a dozen bot-

tles. What was the product, again?

” After studying the ad intently for a couple

of minutes he said, “

Hey - there’s a Cobra in this ad!

” Do we really need to com-

ment on this?

Light ‘em if ya got ‘em. Is Cory Hitch-

cock of Granite Falls, Washington see-

ing Cobras everywhere he looks, or

does this car have a definite Cobra re-


A story on Fox News reported that an

eight-foot long king cobra was loose in

Orlando, Florida after escaping from

the home where it was kept as a pet.

We’re not Columbo but the first place

we’d look is Orlando Mustang.