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260 Fall 2015

There is probably no bigger fan of the 1960s rockers Paul Revere and the Raiders than George Watters of Cambria,

California. So when he saw this You Tube video of an unaired promo for a Dick Clark television show titled, “Where

The Action Is,” the first thing he did was send the URL to the second biggest Paul Revere fan, Howard Pardee. They

both watched the video and spotted the small block Cobra and Sunbeam Tiger early in the show. Then, near the end

when the credits were rolling, both cars made another appearance. And how about the guy jumping into the Cobra,

holding the windshield and hopping onto the passenger seat? The last time we saw that happen was at SAAC-2 when

someone offered Pardee a ride in their Cobra and he was so excited he could not control himself.

Don Johnston of Honolulu, Hawaii

saw the blue 427 Cobra fender in an

ad for Visa card. It spurred him into

action, not because of seeing the Cobra

but at the thought of earning 30¢.

Known locally as something of a skin-

flint (he prefers to describe himself as

a “thriftoholic”), Johnston often parks

his car as far away from the gas pump

as the hose will reach, stretching it so

he can drain out every drop of gas

after he has shut it off. In larger sta-

tions, with a dozen or more pumps, he

often visits them after hours with a small container and stretches each hose out to collect the gasoline left inside it. On

a good night says he is able to milk them for as much as a half pint.