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262 Fall 2015


This ad used a photo of an Exoto

diecast GT40 MK II to sell it’s Exoto

wristwatch, which it touts as a tribute

to LeMans 1966. The black MK II, a

representation of the car that Bruce

McLaren and Chris Amon drove to

first place ahead of Ken Miles and

Dennis Hulme, also in a MK II. Ken

Young saw the ad and immediately

alerted, and sent it to us. It was run in

a pre-holiday issue of whatever maga-

zine he tore it out of and was so pixi-

lated he neglected to let us know

where it came from. After receiving it

and losing track of it under a pile of

stuff on our desk, we just recently dis-

covered it. We wouldn’t want to leave

anyone with the impression that

Young was just getting around to

sending it to us eight months late. He

may be behind the curve, but not


far behind it.

To be honest, this four-way has

gone on a lot longer than we would

have imagined. Evidently none of

these four guys, having gotten a

meager taste of the notoriety this

column has provided them, want to

be the first one to throw in the

towel, whimper a pathetic, “



” and slink out of the ring like

a whipped Basset hound. What are

they afraid of? That we would take

advantage of them by using this

space to insult and verbally abuse

them? Stigmatize or shame them?

Would we do that?

At some point every Cobra, GT40

and Shelby will be made into a

diecast model. However, that will

happen first with GT40s and Co-

bras due to their production num-

bers. 1968 cars will take a long, long

time. Jim Hutchinson spotted this

model of the Dan Gurney/Jerry

Grant 1966 Sebring MK II in a Cal-

ifornia Car Cover catalog. Only

$69.95. In five years you’ll wish you

had bought four of them!

Young spotted this typical Corvette

vs. Cobra showdown at the 1964

Riverside Hot Rod Championship

Drags in the September 2015 issue


Hot Rod

magazine. Sad to day, in

this case the ‘61 Corvette shut the

snake down.

The Cobra GT4 heavy duty power

electric 4WD mobility scooter was

spotted by Barranger. It is powered

by two 75AH batteries that provide

a range of 10 miles. We are left to

ponder if future SAAC conven-

tions. Will open track events be

conducted for graybeard members

with electric scooters? Pardee is

currently reviewing safety require-

ments for roll bars and seat belts.

Bob Barranger happened on this

miniature Ford GT at his local Dol-

lar store. It wasn’t that he really

needed it, but how often do you get

to say that you bought a Ford GT

for a dollar?

Barranger also found a Swarovski

silver crystal cobra designed by

Heinz Tabertshofer of Austria. Liv-

ing in the Austrian Tyrol provides

him with “

a constant source of en-

ergy and inspiration

.” Much like liv-

ing in Toms River, New Jersey does

for Barranger.