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Fall 2015 269

Doug Cresanta of Haskell, New Jersey is no stranger to this column. While

cruising around in Florida he spotted a couple of interesting wall murals. The

Shiny Bird Car Wash is located in Cocoa Beach. The artist didn’t get the

roofline silhouette just right, but we’re not complaining. There’s no question

it’s a ‘67 Shelby. Harbor Auto Restoration in Rockledge, Florida has a long

mural on it’s fence with a black ‘67 Shelby on it. It is amazing how this stuff

just keeps popping up. And what is more amazing is that it seems the same

people keep finding it and reporting it to us. That’s why they are eagle eyes.

This full-page ad for the Orange Blos-

som Tour next March was run in the

September issue of

Classic Motor-


magazine. contains a pretty

nice illustration of a ‘67 Shelby. Own-

ers of these cars will be happy to see

that Cobra roadsters don’t get all the


It’s called a cobra lilly and the bulb

was sent to us by Carl Gagnon of Ft.

Myers, Florida. Of course, we were cu-

rious but we knew our botanical lim-

its. The chances of ever seeing this

plant flower were nil. So we gave it to

one of our friends at the Sharon Post

Office, Kelly Kilmer, who is noted for

her green thumb. Six weeks later,

vioila! She had coaxed the cobra out of

its nest and didn’t even need a flute.