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268 Fall 2015

We’re guessing it will only be a matter of time before these Cobra wheels show

up on a car at a convention. They’ll probably be on a replica first, but if they

catch on, look for the owners of original Cobras to jump on the bandwagon. If

you want something more than chrome, they also come painted so you can re-

ally bring out the color of your car. Howard Pardee spotted these on


website and was reportedly researching to see if they would fit on his R-Model.

Cory Hitchcock of Granite Falls, Washington demonstrates what it takes to be

an eagle eye. He spotted a guy wearing a CS t-shirt walking through this sea

of Corvettes. We’re guessing this photo was taken at Riverside Raceway (due

to the mountains in the background), probably during a driver’s school or open

track. We enlarged the picture and were able to count no fewer than six Cobras

in the background but no GT350s. That would pin the date as sometime before

January 1965, because after that date at least a few GT350s would have shown

up at an event like this. Hitchcock found this image while searching on the In-

ternet for a picture of James Garner in a GT350.

A cobra was found in a Houston apart-

ment building. The USA today online

news item was spotted by eagle eye

Colleen Kopec, something of an ama-

teur herpetologist herself.

If this is the type of advertising we can

expect for the 2016 Ford Shelby

GT350R, we can hardly wait to see the

full campaign. College-age kids should

be worried. Be very worried.

Mary Sue Powell of Englewood, Col-

orado was cruising along the South

Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, Cal-

ifornia and spotted this Cobra frisbee

in rack of frisbees at a Chevron sta-

tion. When you’re located near a

Southern California beach, frisbees

are necessities, just like sun-block and


We like Wilwood’s advertising. This

full-page ad from

Grassroots Motor-


shows a healthy Solo-1 GT350.

A previous ad used a 427 Cobra.