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266 Fall 2015

Brian Styles couldn’t resist buying these Scooby-Doo Cobras when he saw them

in a duty-free shop at the Billund Airport in Denmark. We’re not sure if they

are available over here but if they are none of our eagle eye detectives have

made us aware of it.

Think this portable jump starter/

power pack will start a 427 Cobra

S/C’s dead Rebat batteries? Don’t

count on it. We’re guessing that after

seeing this at Best Buy, Don Johnston

has one in his garage now. Sometimes

you just can’t help yourself when you

see that “Cobra” name.

Johnston forwarded another sighting,

a Rolex ad with a ‘66 GT350 at –

where else? – the Monterey Motor-

sports Reunion. The white #55 car,

6S169, was formerly owned by one-

time SAAC Board of Director Wes

“Balloonfoot” Burmark. It is pictured

being driven by Christie Edelbrock but

we have been informed by the ‘65-‘66

Registrar that the car has since been

sold. We could not help but note that

this is one a flurry of submissions sent

by Johnston for this issue. Do we de-

tect a potential eagle eye brawler get-

ting ready to make a grand entrance

into the ring? This is the way it begins,

sportsfans. It’s a good start but does he

have a strong follow-through? He’s got

nuts the size of Macadamias.

A screen grab from the Ford video on the design of the [


] new 2012 Mus-

tang shows a pair of designers at a desktop workstation with a copy of SAAC

member Greg Kolasa’s book, “The Definitive Shelby Mustang Guide 1965-

1970.” If the boss happens to walk by they can certainly say it is work-related.

That will probably fly at Ford but it may not work if your workstation is at a

business unrelated to automobiles.

The illustration at the left is being

used by Mazda Raceway on their press

releases. The racers represent the

major events at the track this year:

motorcycles, GTP endurance cars and

vintage racers – the Shelby was cho-

sen due to the 50th Anniversary do-

ings. A closer look at the illustration

shows the pedestrian bridges at Can-

nery Row.