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was a hoot. Mem-

bers walk away from every convention

remembering one thing above every-

thing else, and this year it had to be

the Kalahari Convention Center’s

main ballroom. It was cavernous, but

when half of it was filled with an esti-

mated $25,000,000 worth of the finest

Shelby cars ever assembled under one

roof, it was nothing short of breathtak-

ing. We realized we might never again

find such a venue to hold SAAC’s con-

cours, and it was something likely to

spoil both judges and entrants, but

when opportunity knocks, you open

the door. You don’t cower behind it.


270 Fall 2015

We must be doing something right.

If only we knew what it was so we could keep doing it for another 40 years.

– Rick Kopec