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Winter 2016 22

Master Eagle Eyes Continue to Thrash it Out

Ok, this thing has lasted far

longer than we ever expected. It all

started when we began getting mul-

tiple eagle eye sightings from Ken

Young in Wisconsin and Jim

Hutchinson in Massachusetts for

each issue.We wondered, aloud, if it

might just be a coincidence, or if it

wasn’t, how long they could keep it

up. Then, before we knew it we

started getting multiple sightings

from Ted Warren from Louisiana.

We got the feeling that as War-

ren waded into the fray, it might be

the eagle eye equivalent of the red-

neck boast, “

Hey, ya’ll–watch this...

In real life, that kind of swagger,

usually fueled by a steady stream of

alcohol, is followed by either an ex-

plosion, a barrel-roll or a belly flop.

Warren’s eagle eye sightings were

surprisingly unique, homespun and

it seemed like they were finding

him and not the other way around.

Then we got a large batch from

Bob Barranger of New Jersey. We

challenged him to maintain his

level of participation and were

somewhat surprised when he did.

Like a horse race, some seemed to

step it out while others fell back. Po-

sitions changed continuously. And

once in a while we get a few sight-

ings from dark horses who look like

they might have what it takes but

fade in the stretch. Where will it

end? We have no idea. We just sit

back and watch the race.

Young spotted the GT350 in this ad for the Carcoon. Essentially a plastic

box you park the car in and through the use of a fan. keeps the air circulat-

ing. There are several different models, priced between $945 and $1,195.

Not including fan and carbon filter. Did Young buy one? With all the street

rods he owns, his garage would look like the set of a science fiction movie.

In Seattle, visit-

ing his daugh-

ter on the

backside of



cruise, War-

ren was be-

moaning that he

hadn’t seen any-

thing Cobra-related, not even in Victo-

ria, British Columbia. Then, while

eating lunch in Dave’s Diner which

was filled with auto memorabilia, he

spotted this poster for Elvis, movie

“Viva Las Vegas.” He thought he spied

a Cobra, way down in the corner and

had to get down on one knee to photo-

graph it, causing the waitress to won-

der about his sanity. No question

there–it is long gone.

Jim Hutchinson was walking past

this hand-lettered sign advertising

the Boston Aquarium’s Exploration

Center.What caught his eye was the

line, “Ask about our new Cobra

Fish!” We’ll admit that a new one on

us. There probably is such a thing as

a cobra fish but we’ve never heard

of it. We have long maintained that

there is one of everything in this

club, so we’ll sit back and wait for an

ichthyologist to enlighten us.

With all of the automobile auctions

going on all over the country during

the entire year, the competition for

getting people’s attention is fierce.

Every auction has one or more

headliner cars that are expected to

set sales records. Ken Young was

quick to spot this clever double-

header: a comp Cobra and a comp

Corvette came up at the RM-

Sotheby’s in Ft. Worth, Texas.

CSX2011 changed hands for

$1,980K. The ‘62 Gulf Oil-spon-

sored ‘Vette went for $1,650K.

Those are powerful figures.