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Winter 2016 19

SHELBY – The Complete Book of

Shelby Automobiles – Cobras Mus-

tangs and Super Snakes

by Colin

Comer. Hard-bound; 10 ̋x 11 1/4 ̋, 256

pages; 139 b&w photos, 309 color. Pub-

lished by MBI Publishing Co., Min-

neapolis, MN $45.00


If you have a good memory, you’ll

recall that we reviewed this book in

the Fall 2009 issue of this august pub-

lication. SAAC member Colin Comer

has managed to keep himself busy

writing books on Cobras and Shelbys

and he does a masterful job. His books

details are accurate because we have

it on good authority that Comer relies

heavily on SAAC’s registries, and this

is one of the reasons why we published

them. We believe in sharing the infor-

mation we unearth, whether it is used

by enthusiasts, owners or authors. So

we had no problems with the accuracy

of Comer’s books.

He authored a Cobra book in time

for that car’s 50th anniversary and

when the 50th for the GT350 rolled

around two years later, Comer’s pub-

lisher thought it would be the perfect

time to update his 2009 book: a new

cover, a quick rewrite of the portions

that indicate Carroll Shelby and Phil

Remington were still alive, and includ-

ing details on the Shelby Mustangs

produced between 2009 and 2015 in

Las Vegas. The book was still selling

well for Motorbooks International (in-

cluding being printed in three lan-


So, it is truly a revised and up-

dated edition, but not anything “new”

which would necessitate it being pur-

chased by someone who already has

the 2009 edition – with the exception

of the most seriously deranged Shelby

literature collectors. And how about

this: anyone in that deep will also

have to have a copy of the book in the

three other languages. Yikes!



Donald Farr, photography by Tom

Loeser. Hard-bound; 10 ̋x 12 1/4 ̋, 240

pages; 240 color. photographs. Pub-

lished by MBI Publishing Co., Min-

neapolis, MN $50.00


This book is exceptionally well

done. It is well written (as we have

come to expect from Donald Farr) and

the photographs are top shelf. Photog-

rapher Tom Loeser shot 29 cars for the

book in a studio, demonstrating that

he knows what he is doing behind the

camera. The photos are spectacular.

There are between six and ten

photos of each car, including several

that are printed full-page or across

two pages. Each one is in sharp focus

and the lighting is perfect. The book is

separated into four sections: early

Mustangs (1964 1/2 - 1968); the Mus-

cle Mustangs (1969-1976); Fox Body

Mustangs (1984 - 2003); and Modern

Mustangs (2005 - 2015). Rather than

attempt to include every year and/or

model, choice examples were selected

to represent the more valuable or un-

usual Mustangs. For example, instead

of a GT350 R-Model, which you might

expect, one of the 1965 GT350 Shelby

Driving school cars is included. The

1967 independent Trans-Am Mustang

notchback owned and raced by J. Bit-

tle, prepared for current historic rac-

ing, is restored to 1968 race specs.

Bittle also supplied a ‘66 Mustang

Super Pro bracket race drag car. The

Bittle-fest continues with a 2014

Cobra Jet factory drag car and a 1989

JBA Dominator Fox-body, a tuner

model Bittle’s speed shop created,

based on a Saleen.

This book represents the present

and future of Mustangs. Only a third

is dedicated to the early cars. The re-

mainder of the book highlights cars

made after 1969. The newest cars are

becoming classics before our eyes.