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Winter 2016 27

We just can’t used to seeing a 427

Cobra on an Internet site banner

when it’s the last thing we expect to

see. You check out the news on the

Drudge Report or Yahoo News and

read a story. At the end, you’re pre-

sented with a number of windows

along with some banner ads: “16 Child

Stars Who Grew Up To Be Super At-

tractive” or “Cameraman Captured

More Than Expected” or “20 Celebri-

ties Who Have Gone Broke.” A Super-

formance banner pops up almost

randomly and unexpectedly. It’s like

getting poked in the ribs when you’re

not looking.

Plastic shopping bags have recently

been banned in most of California

thanks to the Watermelons (green on

the outside but red on the inside –

think about it) so Greg Melnyk of Arroyo Grande, California discovered a new use for the canvas shopping bags he has

collected during his visits to the various auto auctions. Barrett-Jackson and Hagerty give them out in order to get their

brands seen during and after the event. Thanks to Melnyk, they are also seen in grocery stores, too. B-J sold Shelby’s

twin-Paxton 427 S/C, CSX3015, owned by noted Arizona collector Ron Pratte a few years ago, but they are still riding

that wave. The Guardsman Blue roadster is instantly recognizable and a real attention-getter. It’s hard to find a better

car to use to advertise your company.

Believe it or not, there is a magazine



which is for wristwatch

enthusiasts what

Road & Track

is for

car people. A recent issue, brought to

our attention by Gary Fisk of Lomita,

California had an article titled “Rac-

ing Colours” which was subtitled, “


50th anniversary of Shelby’s World

Sportscar Championship inspires the

Cobra Edition of a classic chrono-


.” Watch maker Baume &

Mercier teamed up with Shelby Amer-

ican to create a pair of watches for the

European market. The entry level

model coats a “reasonable” £3,000

($4,539 US) or for £13,300 ($20,122)

you can have one of 98 special edi-

tions. Your move.