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Winter 2016 26

So there you are, driving along and

minding your own business and you

start to pass an unobtrusive white

van, when – WHOA! – you’re looking

at a cobra. Not the automotive type,

but it’s the name that matters. This

snake represents the Cobra Concrete

Cutting Services. It was spotted by

Nick Guisto of Hinsdale, Illinois. We

have to say that the current era of al-

most everyone carrying cell phone

cameras is responsible for a noticeable

uptick of Eagle Eye sightings. In the

“old days” not many members had a

camera with them at all times and

while they might have spotted some-

thing like this, they would not have

been able to capture it and share it by

immediately emailing it to us.

A parade of classic cars on display in Paris’s Grand Palais before this year’s

Tour Auto Optic 2000 race”

is how this picture was captioned in the September

2015 issue of

Conde Nast Traveler

. Picking out the Cobra in this crowd of sports

cars is a feat that defines an eagle-eye. You might think that having spotted

this gem, Greg Melnyk of Arroyo Grande, California would have closed the

magazine and moved on. After all, what are the chances of seeing another

Cobra in the same travel magazine? But you never can tell. An article on the

Paris To Barritz Rally featured a picture of what we’re guessing was the same

Cobra. It must have been a slow day because Melnyk continued reading the

magazine and discovered a mention of a “

cherry red Cobra

” in an article about

a Los Alamos, California winery tour.

1967 Shelby owners will be drooling

down the front of their shirts when

they see Craig Shefferly’s version of an

Adirondack deck chair. As a resident of

White Lake, Michigan, Shefferly’s

“home track” is Road America so it’s

no coincidence that the background on

the chair shows an R-A corner with

appropriate signage. As the owner of

‘67 GT500 #887, a dark blue car, it’s no

coincidence that the chair is a reflec-

tion of his car.