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Winter 2016 25

Young saw this photo of a GT350

Hertz car in

Hemmings Motor


October 2015 issue. The car

was driven by Alberto and Silvia

Bazan in the latest Great Race. The

picture was taken in 117° heat

near Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Warren was looking for speakers

and found these Cobra Axial III

units on eBay. $24.99 plus $9.95 for

shipping. Think he bought them?

How could he resist?

Autoweek used a response 3” x 5”

post card to solicit subscription re-

newals. Barranger was quick to

spot the Cobra on the cover of one

of the issues they pictured.

Bob Barranger saw this patch from

the Civil Air Patrol’s Shelby Com-

posite Squadron.

Warren saw a magazine ad for some-

thing called a Car Capsule. It’s air-

tight storage. Naturally, the car

they chose to encapsulate was, what

else? A Cobra. It’s $1,695.00.

Hutchinson spotted this story in the

daily Hemmings Online News: it was

an offer to sell “

a home-operated 3/8˝

tubular steel 1:4 scale auto art sculp-

ture manufacturing business. Reason-

able welding and metal fabrication




artist/owner will train. Company can

be operated anywhere in the USA


$45K. We’re left wondering how many

of these you would have to sell to

amortize the cost? Our guess: you

should live so long, pal.

It may be difficult to determine from

this photo but trust us – it’s a cobra

tattoo. The late replicant Zhora is pic-

tured here in a screen grab from the

movie “Blade Runner,” captured by

the ever alert Jim Hutchinson. We

suspect this is his way of telling us

there’s not too much going on in his

life right now, what with the winter

weather keeping him from putting any

road miles on his 427 Cobra, CSX3327.

Young sent a graph showing the pop-

ularity of the name Shelby in the U.S.

(males in blue, females in red). He

notes a spike in 1990 but could not ex-

plain it. He is a fount of useless trivia.