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Winter 2016 23

You know Hot Wheels is running

out of cars when they introduce a

model of which only three actual

cars were built. But the name

“Shelby” is magic... Warren spotted

this in a magazine ad.

Warren certainly didn’t expect to

see anything Cobra-related in a

Lowes when he was looking for dry-

wall nails. Who would have thought

they were made by the Cobra com-


Was it the red 427 Cobra or the

model wearing a fancy tuxedo shirt

that caught Young’s attention in a

recent issue of

Hemmings Motor


. The one-page article was

written about Bill & Bud Jones’

Cobra and the series of posters they

created using their car. The writer’s

reference source was a special six-

page chapter in the 2008 Cobra reg-

istry, which he attributed to the

book. One of the reasons we put so

much work into the registry was so

it could be used as a reference

source. After all, not everyone is

able to get a copy but that doesn’t

mean they shouldn’t see some of the

things that are inside of it.

Hutchinson saw these “serpent

shirts” in the


Warren must be dreaming about

spiffing up his garage. This tool

chest is £860 (about $1317) and

comes with free graphics of your

car (which you supply).