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Winter 2016 28

Tom Dankel of Hollister, California was recently visiting Las Vegas and hap-

pened to see this indoor billboard in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Maceoo shirts

are about a hundred bucks a crack or more and they are available at Misura,

an upscale men’s clothing store in Las Vegas.

Dankel was also pleasantly surprised

to see this picture of a ‘66 GT350 in his

local newspaper, the

San Jose Mercury


. The article, printed in their Sat-

urday “Drive” section, concerned car

insurance and the picture had no real

significance to the article.

Back in the Winter 2013 issue we ran

this illustration of a proposed Good-

year billboard ad for a new model of

tire they were going to call “Wide

Boots.” That apparently never hap-

pened but the illustration we discov-

ered in Shelby records was attached to

a hand-written note that said, “

This is

a rough layout of the ‘????? Billboard’

to be used in California.

” As we said,

it was a hand-written note and the missing word was illegible. All we could tell

was that it started with an “R.” Three years later Greg Melnyk rides to the res-

cue. He determined that the missing word was “Revolving” which designated

a revolving billboard. That was the leading billboard technology in 1968 (the

memo was date-stamped October 19, 1968). Melnyk also sent us a picture of a

Goodyear Wild Boots decal/sticker that was available during that time.

Goodyear never released their “Wide Boots” tire but Firestone marketed “Wide

Ovals” which were used on performance cars in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

Goodyear chose “Polyglas GT” as a competitor to Firestone’s “Wide Ovals.”

Craig Shefferly is at it again. This

time it’s an early GT350 lawn chair.

Now we’re waiting to see the 1968 and

1969 models. Let’s go, Craig – it’s

going to be a long, cold winter in

Michigan. You need something to oc-

cupy your time!

Brian Card of Seattle,Washington

came across a very interesting video of

a piece of machinery that can move in

any direction. It was called the

“Cobra” and the name on the sides

uses the proper type style.