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Winter 2016 17


Not only do I feel appreciative

and honored today to share this occa-

sion with my wife Jeannie and my


” said Lunn, “

but also over-

whelmed by the incredible display of

power outside. Ford GTs and Cobras.

It really is a Show of Force and I am

so happy to be a part of it


Lunn will be 91 years old in April

and has begun working on a fourth

book, about the environment, substan-

tiability and future cars. “

I’m looking

forward to finishing my new book


said Lunn, “

and celebrating the 50th

anniversary of the win at LeMans

with my family and friends on June

19th next year


Ressler and Lunn, in the midst of a sea of horsepower. Photos by Gary Jean and Howard


Marty Schorr, author, photojour-

nalist, automobile historian and SAAC

member, organized a tribute to engi-

neer and designer Roy Lunn, who is

often described as the Godfather of the

GT40. It was held on December 19,

2015 at the Lakewood Ranch Golf &

Country Club in Sarasota, Florida.

The Ford GT40 MK IIs and MK

IVs were designed, engineered and de-

veloped under Roy Lunn’s direction at

Ford’s “skunk works,” Kar Kraft. Lunn

was the manager of the Advanced

Concepts Group. Following Ford’s Le-

Mans victory, he received a letter from

Ford vice president and general man-

ager, Don Frey. It said, “

I want to con-

gratulate you on your creative role in

the historic Ford victory at LeMans

and winning the World GT Champi-



Attending the tribute was Ford en-

gineer Neil Ressler. He was a retired

vice president and the former head of

Advanced Vehicle Technology. He later

became chairman of Jaguar Racing. In

1999 he headed Cosworth Racing and

was involved in the mid-engined

GN34 Concept sports car which

evolved into the 2005-2006 Ford GT,

the spiritual successor to the original

GT40. Ressler is a former SAAC mem-

ber and has driven his 427 Cobra at

several SAAC conventions. He retired

in 2001 after 34 years at Ford but re-

turned to join the Ford GT Team. He

drove his Ford GT to the event. “

I was-

n’t going to miss this wonderful oppor-

tunity to meet Mr. Lunn and relive

some of those glory days of winning at


” said Ressler.

Schorr’s recent book, “Ford Total

Performance” [

reviewed in this issue


includes details of Roy Lunn’s career

at Ford and Kar Kraft as well as some

history of the GT40. Nine Ford GTs

were on hand, including a rare GTX1

and CP4 (Confirmation Prototype 4)

along with nine Cobra roadsters.