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Winter 2016 21


magazine is a niche publication dedicated to memories of a simpler

time. They describe themselves by inviting people to “

Take a trip down memory

lane as readers share heartwarming stories and photos from the ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s

and ‘60s.

” Doug Cresanta of Haskell, New Jersey wasn’t expecting to find a ‘66

GT350 in the August/September 2015 issue but that’s the way this stuff works.

When you least expect it, things jump out at you. We’ve enlarged the page so

you can read it for yourself, and figure where the ‘66 Shelbys fits in.

We’re sure there’s some kind of synergy going on here that we can’t explain.

Kenzie Smith’s grandma took her to the amusement park. Nothing special,

there, right? But when Kenzie was released to run to get in a car, she went

straight, like an arrow, to the blue car with “Cobra” on the side. Coincidence,

you say? Then explain this: Kenzie’s grandmother is Colleen Kopec’s niece.

There is some connection there, looming just below the surface.

Apparently it’s taken Cobras reaching

the $1M mark to drag the Sunbeam

Tiger into the spotlight as a Cobra al-

ternative. It’s only been–what–fifty

years? The January 2016 issue of

Classic Motorsports

carries an exten-

sive article on Tigers. It compares MK

I and a MK II models and includes a

little Tiger history, how to differentiate

between the two models and driving

impressions with sidebars on vintage

racing, Tiger values and telling fake

cars from real ones. All in all, it’s a

complete and well done article. If it

can be said that the Tiger suffers from

anything, it has to be the continual

comparison with the Cobra, in which

it will fall short in every category you

can come up with. That’s hardly fair

because while the cars share some

basic similarities, they really are ap-

ples and oranges.