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Lime Rock is located in a very sce-

nic part of Connecticut. The northwest

corner remains very much the same as

it has for the past fifty years and that

is what provides much of its charm.

The downside is that there are not

many places for visitors to stay and

that problem keeps the track from

being able to schedule major racing

events. The closest large facility we

were able to find was a Sheraton Four

Points, in Waterbury, Connecticut. It

was about a forty-five minute drive.


Summer 2016 95

Doug Chadwick of Morgantown, West Vir-

ginia has attended quite a few conventions

with his antique Circuit Camera which

takes 180° color photos. When printed,

they were 5-feet long by 8-inches high.

They made terrific convention mementos

but proved expensive to have framed. And

took up a lot of room on your wall.