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Summer 2016 95

We don’t always hit a home run.We had

an idea for the convention that we

called “History at a Glance.” We had

small, 2˝ diameter chrome stickers

made that were intended to go in the

corner of a car’s windshield. They iden-

tified the car as belonging to an original

owner, second owner, third, fourth or

fifth. Other stickers identified a car as

being purchased (by the present owner)

for $1000 or less, $2000 or less, $3000,

$5000 or $10,000 or less. They also iden-

tified a car as having its original engine,

having 100,000 or more miles or having

been driven to the convention. We gave

these out at registration and the

thought was that someone would put

one or more of them on their car, and

anyone walking past it would know, im-

mediately, a little about the car’s his-

tory. Some owners took the appropriate

stickers and were happy to put them on

their car’s windshield. But we brought

an awful lot of them back after the con-

vention. It was one of those, “

it sounded

like a good idea at the time

” things but

in retrospect we’d have say that it

bombed. We wouldn’t try it again.