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The convention had been away

from the northeast for three years so

it was time to put that area of the

country in our crosshairs. Due to the

fact that I was vintage racing at Lime

Rock every chance I got, and not coin-

cidentally that I lived within spitting

distance of the track, I had developed

an excellent relationship with the

track’s General Manager. I sat down

with him to discuss our upcoming con-

vention and SAAC-21 was still fresh in

his mind. He could not have been more

accommodating. I made it easy be-

cause having used the track once be-

fore, I knew what was possible and

what was not. I was able to save a lot

of time by not asking for anything that

the track could not deliver.

Lime Rock had recently under-

gone several improvements. The most

visible was the new Michelin Tower at

the start/finish line. It was designed

by local son Sam Posey, whose talents

beside driving race cars include being

an architect, author and artist.


Summer 2016 93