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Summer 2016 99

If you attended all of the SAAC conven-

tions you would have had the opportunity

to see a huge number of the rare or histor-

ical cars in Shelby American history. If you

put them all together under one roof it

would make an incredible museum. For a

SAAC-25 commemoration poster, we sent

SAAC member Tom Honegger twenty-five

photos of what we thought were some of

the most memorable cars at each conven-

tion. Today, some of these cars are old hat;

they’ve been around and have been shown

at various events and pictured in automo-

bile magazines. But back when they were

brought to these conventions, they were

fresh and it was exciting to see them. Some

had been recently restored and others had

not been seen by the general public.

One of the Daytona Coupes was at

SAAC-1. Many people had only seen pic-

tures of the coupes in magazines, even

though they had raced a mere eleven years

prior. At SAAC-2 5R001 was freshly re-

stored, and many had never seen an R-

Model before. Dick Smith’s 427 S/C

represented SAAC-3. The 427 Super

Coupe was at SAAC-6 and a GT40 Spyder

was at SAAC-11. Shelby drove his 427

Cobra S/C completion car at SAAC-17 and

the three 1966 LeMans-winning GT40 MK

IIs were at SAAC-18. At SAAC-19 the 1968

“Green Hornet” experimental GT500

notchback was there. SAAC-22 was repre-

sented by Bill Paul’s yellow ‘66 GT350 –

the last Shelby to race in an SCCA race.

This poster turned out to be very popular

and almost all of them were sold out by the

end of the convention. It was also produced

in the form of a 5˝ x 7˝ post card.