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At noon, when the corner workers

broke for lunch, it was time for Kids

Rides. Open track cars lined up in the

hot pits and SAAC helpers found

empty seats for junior passengers.

Speeds were limited to 55 mph and for

many kids, it was their first experi-

ence riding in a Shelby or a Cobra. At

the end of the day we held a special

Ladies’ Session, where wives and girl-

friends could drive on the track – at

whatever speeds they felt comfortable.

There would be no pressure of being

pushed by guys driving at a faster

pace. This session was preceeded by a

brief chalk talk that was a combina-

tion safety briefing and confidence

builder. From everything we heard,

the Ladies’ Session was a resounding


After everyone left the track and

headed back to the hotel, they were on

their own for dinner, and there were

plenty of choices between Lime Rock

and Waterbury. At the hotel, an art

and literature show was scheduled at

7:30 p.m. and it provided an opportu-

nity for collectors, artists and vendors

to make their wares available in a

clean environment. No dust and no

sun beating down on everyone. It

was...civilized. There was also a model

car show with three classes, organized

by age. And finally, registrars were on

hand to answer questions and accept

updated information.


Summer 2016 100