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ur twenty-fifth convention was

a big deal, even for us – and we

tend not to make a big deal

about anniversaries. We see most of

them as contrived reasons to cele-

brate – like New Year’s Eve. If you

want to go out, drink beyond your abil-

ity to handle it, dance with a lamp-

shade on your head, slobber all over

yourself and insult people, you don’t

need the excuse of a special holiday to

do that. Trying to justify it by saying,

Hey, it was New Year’s Eve,

” doesn’t

really excuse anything.

However, even we have to admit

that 25 years is a long time for anyone

to keep pulling the wagon of Shelby

and Cobra enthusiasm up the hill. So

our goal was to make it a blowout that

everyone would remember.


Summer 2016 92

AQuarter-Century of SAAC Conventions

– Rick Kopec