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One of the special features of

SAAC-25 was a Shelby American team

reunion. Our goal was to have as many

of the of the people we’d all come to as-

sociate with Shelby American history

as possible join us, but we knew that

most of them lived on the west coast.

We sent out 175 invitations. Since we

were trying to make this convention a

special occasion, we contacted a num-

ber of the club’s more well-heeled

members to solicit contributions for a

“VIP Travel Fund” that would enable

us to provide airline tickets, rental

cars and hotel rooms for everyone who

accepted our invitation. Our “spon-

sors” were more than generous and

our travel fund swelled to almost

$25,000. By convention time, 37 for-

mer Shelby team members were able

to join us.

• Carroll Shelby

• Bob Bondurant

• Al Dowd

• Lew Spencer

• Carroll Smith

• Leo Beebe

• Chuck Cantwell

• John Morton

• Ray Geddes

• Bob Johnson

• Tom Payne

• Walt Hane

• Tom Yeager

• Bernie Kretzschmar

• Mike Sangster

• Jerry Schwarz

• Mark Popov-Dadiani

• Mel Wentzel

• Bob “Tweety” Aldridge

• Ed Casey

• Dennis Daly

• Phil Henny

• Dave Jordan

• Yale Kneeland

• Wayne Pierce

• Jim Riddle

• Stephen Shattuck

• Bob Tasca

• Dennis Walsh

• Joseph Farrer

• Dick Smith

• Sonny Balcaen

• Dean Gregson

• Deke Houlgate

• Steele Therkelson

• J. L. Henderson

• Lee Holman


Summer 2016 94