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Lime Rock opened at 6:30 a.m. on

Friday for registration and tech in-

spection. The driver’s meeting began

at 8 a.m. sharp. That made it a tough

slog for those staying at the Sheraton

in Waterbury, forty-five minutes away.

At 8:30 a.m. we held a First

Timer’s Class for those participants

who, appropriately enough, were driv-

ing on the track for the first time.

Rather than turn these neophytes

loose to gain track experience on their

own, we felt it important that we at

least point them in the right direction

by giving them some basics. Until you

have driven at speed on a track, you

cannot imagine what it is like. And it’s

nothing like mashing the throttle

down on the interstate for a half-mile

or so and watching the speedometer

needle top 100. Novices need to gain

experience a lap at a time, get comfort-

able with their car, and gaining confi-

dence. Only when that happens will

they begin to discover the pure enjoy-

ment that comes from driving a high

performance car on a race track. It

doesn’t happen immediately; it takes

three or four sessions. But once the

light bulb goes off over someone’s head

it is transformed into a wide smile.


Summer 2016 98

Automotive artist and long time SAAC

member Tom Honegger created a special

poster for the Lime Rock convention com-

memorating the R-Model Reunion (there

were several there). It featured a nice il-

lustration of one of the factory R-Models as

well as a bunch of other R-Model facts and

figures. If they weren’t sold out at the con-

vention they were soon afterward.