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SAAC-25 was our largest conven-

tion to date (and actually turned out

to be our largest one ever). Between

pre-registrations and walk-ins we had

almost 10,000 people attending for

some part of the four days. This wasn’t

a guess – we were able to determine

this by the number of wrist bands that

were used in the course of the event.

Our Friday-Saturday-Sunday-

Monday convention kicked it off with

an “arrival day” on Thursday. We

scheduled a one-day Skip Barber Driv-

ing School, which allowed us access to

the track the day before the conven-

tion for load-in and early registration

and tech inspection. It also allowed

those arriving early to plant their flag

in the paddock, unload and set up. It

allows the event to start off – for

them – at a much more leisurely pace.


Summer 2016 97

About the time of SAAC-25, Lane Col-

lectibles was marketing a series of diecast

‘65 GT350 R-Models. They were very suc-

cessful and each model was sold out (about

2,500 of each were made) almost as soon

as they were released. A lot of the sales

came from Shelby enthusiasts, and that

translated to SAAC members. In an at-

tempt to make the most of this enthusi-

asm, Lane created a special model (only

750 were made) aimed expressly at SAAC-

25 attendees. The R-Model was finished in

silver (SAAC’s silver anniversary) with a

racing number of 25. It also had Lime Rock

and SAAC 25th Anniversary decals. Before

the convention was over, all 750 had been

spoken for.