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258 Fall 2015

The “proper” fix was to adjust the

in-out position of the door glass. What

my dealer actually did, though, was to

put some dirty hand-prints on the door

trim (to make it look like they had

opened the door up to adjust the glass)

and then just jammed some dum-dum

in between the door glass seal and the

T-Roof panel. I discovered this the first

time I had my elbow on the open win-

dow sill and rested my hand up on the

T-Roof panel. Yuck. What was that

black goop all over my fingers? Like

every other repair I ever had at that

dealer, I had to take the car back a sec-

ond (or third) time and bitch to get

them to fix it correctly.

The first fifty 2005 Ford GTs off

the line at Wixom received post-pro-

duction testing. It was called a “Pre-

Delivery Performance Confirmation.”

Along with the inspection evaluation

sheet [

pictured at the right

] each

owner received a letter stating: “


Owner of VIN 1FAFP90S75Y400115.

On behalf of the entire Ford GT Team,

it gives me great pleasure to present

you with your new 2005 Ford GT. To

ensure that your GT provides excep-

tional performance your vehicle was

evaluated by the same team of engi-

neers that developed the Ford GT.

Only the first 50 production vehicles

will receive this special treatment

from the engineering team. Your vehi-

cle was evaluated at the Michigan

Proving Ground on September 29,

2004. The attached evaluation form

confirms that your vehicle meets our

stringent performance standards


Back to Legendary’s GT. This car

was initially built for the Canadian

Market but appears to have had the

unique Canadian bumper bracket ex-

tensions removed. The original plan at

the beginning of 2006 model year pro-

duction was to build 100 cars for

Canada and another 100 cars at the

end. The first 100 cars were completed

in February and March, 2006. At the

end of the model year the second hun-

dred cars were ordered. As the cut-off

date for the 2006 model year produc-

tion approached, new Federal Motor

Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)

were in the offing for 2007 and the

2006 models would not meet these

standards without significant struc-