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Summer 2016 22

Ted Warren was catching a little early morning TV before starting his day

when a red Cobra stopped his clock. That happens when you’re not expecting

to see anything. The local ABC news feed was covering the Red River Street

Rod Show at Shreveport, Louisiana’s Boomtown Casino that was taking

place that weekend. Guess you know where Warren went.

Barranger saw this sign in a gift

shop which might be appropriate for

the door between your garage and

your house. Maybe retirement was

appropriate: this is pretty weak.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen

Shelby work gloves. Just about

every time we go into a Lowe’s or

Home Depot we can’t help spotting

the rack of them. And they have a

dozen different models. In an “aw

shucks, I need a pair of gloves any-

way” moment, Barranger walked

out with a pair. We wonder what

percentage of sales purchases like

this account for?

You can never tell what will pop up on your computer screen when you

Google “Shelby.” Barranger found this letter opener from the General Grand

High Priest name Shelby. We’re not sure what the title refers to but as soon

as Pardee saw it he reportedly went out and had new business cards made.

This ad for flooring treatment was


Garage Life

magazine. Doriguzzi

appears off to a good start. He’s al-

ready smacking the other eagle eyes


Young spotted this ad in Road & Track

and homed in on the Shelby.

This pricey indoor garden sculpture

caught Young’s attention on the In-

ternet. It is 9-inches high and made

of reconstituted sandstone. Pricey?

How about $450. Don’ look for one

at Young’s place.

Warren spotted these pictures on

Facebook. The sentiment makes per-

fect sense to us.