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Summer 2016 23

There are all kinds of signs for sale on

various Internet sites and Barranger

saw this one for the Shelby Rural Elec-

tric Co-Op Corporation in Shelbyville.

Where? We’re not exactly sure but if

you’re looking to decorate the walls of

your garage, and you want to watch

the eyebrows of your buddies go up

when they start looking around, this

is the kind of thing you need to be on

the lookout for.

Jim Hutchinson alerted on a news

story featuring a cobra. Pictured is

the late Indonesian singer Irma

Bule. She was in the midst of a per-

formance in Karawant, West Java

using a live cobra when she inad-

vertently stepped on its tail. The

snake, being a snake, lunged at her

and bit her on the thigh. A snake

handler on the scene rushed to ad-

minister anti-venom but she waved

him away. She had been using

snakes in her act and may have

thought the cobra had been de-

fanged. Other snakes she had been

using were. A short time later she

began vomiting and collapsed on

stage. She was rushed to the hospi-

tal where she was pronounced

dead. “

That’s going to be a tough act

to follow,

” said Howard Pardee.

She didn’t leave much room for an



Pete Doriguzzi, SAAC’s man at Heacock Classic insurance, was visiting New

York City recently and had dinner at the famous Club 21. The dining room

has had all kinds of model planes and memorabilia hanging from the ceiling

for decades. Doruggi had never been there before and was seated at a table

under a model of a 289 Cobra race car. Coincidence, or eagle eye karma? You

be the judge.

We’re not sure in which catalog

Young saw this NewGen Shelby

desk. He didn’t send any details but

we’re guessing it isn’t cheap. And

that would price Young right out of

the market. For a desk he uses plas-

tic milk crates he liberated from the

back of a 7-11 late at night and a

piece of a wooden pallet. It’s not

that he doesn’t have the money –

but he would rather spend it on hot

rods he can buy and sell at a loss.

The London Cobra Show in Lon-

don, Ohio is advertised as the

world’s largest Cobra gathering. It’s

an annual event that has been

going on for fifteen years. It natu-

rally caught Warren’s attention.

The date was June 23-25, the same

dates as SAAC-41. Distance be-

tween the two locations is about 85

miles. We wonder how the close

proximity will affect either event.