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Summer 2016 26

Back in the Winter 2013 issue we ran

a small piece on the Goodyear “Wide

Boots” tire campaign that never was.

[2013 Annual, page 13]. Or so we

thought. But leave it to SAAC’s trusty

‘68-’69-’70 Shelby registrar to turn

something interesting up. He was

cruising the Internet and spotted

these two Goodyear ads showing the

Wide Tread tires being described as

“Wide Boots.” Note in the top ad that

at the same time they were advertis-

ing the Wide Tread GT tires, probably

around 1968, they still had Blue

Streaks available.

The Wide Boots description was also

used in a Goodyear ad featuring a

Javelin. The ad text referred to the

tires as “Wide Boots GT – a new high

performance model of Goodyear’s fa-

mous Wind Boots tire.” However, the

raised white letters on the Javelin’s

tire said “Wide Tread GT.” Based on

this it’s hard to say what Goodyear’s

marketing and advertising depart-

ments had in mind. Our guess is that

the Wide Boots name never stuck.

Eric Veard of Lorain, Ohio spotted this

ad from a 1970s newspaper and when

he stopped weeping he sent it to us.

Wilmington Ford was trying to unload

24 1969 Shelby GT350s – direct from

FoMoCo in Dearborn. Obviously they

were having a difficult time selling

them because they slashed the price

from $5450 to $2895. Oh, to have been

there back then...

Two things going on here. First, Pete

Disher of Marshall, Wisconsin sent us

a website link for the AirCobra throw-

ing axe. It would be one thing if the

manufacturer chose to name this axe

after a Cobra, but are we reading too

much into this in noting that they

named it after an air-Cobra? Is it not

a real axe? The second thing that en-

tered our mind was that Disher saw

this ad on something called the “Big

Muff” website. Despite his weak

protestations to the contrary, some-

thing like that pops up on your com-

puter screen after you have entered

“big muff” into a search field. It doesn’t

appear at random. What could possi-

bly have propelled Disher to search for

something like that? What was he ex-

pecting to find? The mind boggles.

Prosthetics don’t last forever. Lyle

Cigler of Bozeman, Montana took an

Essex Wire t-shirt and had it molded

onto his newest socket. We guess this

means that he will be wearing shorts

a lot more frequently. A lot of people

like 5R098 but we can’t imagine some-

one saying, “

I’d give my right leg to

own that car.

Just a suggestion, but this photogra-

pher might want to consider stepping

back 25 feet and using a telephoto

lens. He is so intent on shooting the

baby cobras hatching from their eggs

that he doesn’t notice the protective

mama cobra at his elbow. We’re guess-

ing this did not end well. This photo

was sent to us by SAAC member

Yvonne Kirk of Baltimore, Maryland.

who has either developed a sixth sense

for finding cobras online or the cobras

have found a way to find her. Not lit-

erally, of course.