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Summer 2016 17



Here’s the ultimate Christmas present

for your grandkids. It’s a serious

miniature hand-built Cobra con-

structed on a jig-built steel box section

chassis with four-wheel independent

suspension made with aluminum

front hubs and stub axles, steel real

hubs and rubber donut half-shafts.

The car has vented disc brakes with

dual-piston Brembo calipers, a hy-

draulic two-part master cylinder and

rack-and-pinion steering. Power is by

a single-cylinder 110cc air-cooled four-

stroke engine backed by a three-speed

semi-auto gear box and a chain-drive

capable of 80 mph (although you’d

never get us to confirm that by per-

sonal experience). Did we leave any-

thing out? Oh yeah, the cost: $17,500

in the color of your choice. If that does-

n’t chase you away, more details are

available from :

limited slip rear. It has 10-inch billet

aluminum wheels and a 12-volt elec-

trical system with electric start. The

body is composite glass reinforced

plastic. Curb weight is 214 lbs. The

standard model is claimed in the web-

site to be able to top 44 mph and

owner-tuned versions are evidently

This photo was used in an Iconoc

Parts ad in a recent issue of

Grassroots Motorsports

. We’ll

admit we had to look at it for a

while before we realized it was, in

fact, a Cobra. It was a replica, of

course, and it’s one of the reasons

why we like replicas so much – be-

cause you would never see an

original Cobra look like this un-

less... you were dropping acid.