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Summer 2016 21

Master Eagle Eye Shake-Up: One Out, New One In

Our spontaneous eagle eye

competition has finally had a

shake-out. Bob Barranger has

thrown in the towel, acknowledging

that he has had more of a drubbing

than he can take. “

At the beginning

I thought this would be a piece of


,” said Barranger, “

but lately

my usual sources seem to have all

dried up. I keep coming up empty. I

don’t know how these other eagle

eyes do it. I’m not someone who

runs around crying ‘conspiracy’ at

the drop of a Shelby hat but how

well have these other master eagle

eyes been vetted?”

Almost at the same time

Barranger was running up the

white flag, a new eagle eye was

stepping into the ring. Pete

Doriguzzi of Lakeland, Florida sent

us a couple of eagle eye sightings in

the last issue and a couple of more

for this one. When we teased him

about it leading him to becoming a

master eagle eye, he responded,

Hey – this is pretty easy.

” We’ll

see, junior, we’ll see. The first ones

are always easy. Let’s see how you

can handle the pressure when you

have to come up with a handful of

new things for every issue.

One of the nurses in the cardiac rehab department in Doc Warren’s hospital

took a picture of this Cobra and sent it to him. One of their post-surgery pa-

tients drove it to his rehab appointment. He reports that it was an unpro-

voked sighting and he never asked her to be on the look-out for Cobras.

Apparently his Cobra obsession is being transmitted through telepathy. It’s

one thing for a master eagle eye to develop a sixth sense about Cobra and

Shelby sightings, to the point where they appear to seek him out. But tele-

pathically having outsiders collect sightings for him is something we had

never considered. Maybe it’s time to break out the tin foil hats.

Barranger sent us a handful of

sightings when he advised us that

his days as a master eagle eye were

at an end. He was obviously intent

on going out with a bang. He spot-

ted this ad for Shelby the Swamp

Man on a reality TV show. Funny,

he looks much different without the

black cowboy hat.

Doriguzzi spotted this ad for a “Cars

& Cigars” get-together in Detroit. The

Cobra was an obvious attention-getter

but doesn’t seem to have anything to

do with the event...unless, maybe, it

attracts a Cobra to show up.We hadn’t

realized there was a connection be-

tween cigars and Cobras, but live and


For openers, Doriguzzi was on a

parts run at a local O’Reilly’s Auto

Parts distribution center. It was

hard to miss this oversized “A

clean car holds its value” desk top

pad. It was admittedly hard to

miss, but to find it you had to be at

the right place at the right time.