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Summer 2016 24

Another cobra sighting by Hutchin-

son. This BBC news clip was about

two puppies in India that fell into a

well and were protected by a king

cobra from wandering into a deep

pool where they could drown. When

rescuers went in to get them the

cobra slithered away. Everybody

likes a warm and fuzzy ending.

Illustrator Steve Anderson of Ojai, California specializes in Ferrari and

Porsche stuff, because that’s where the business is. But once in a while he

finds other subjects. Original art is about $395; prints are $40. It’s nicely

done art. For details: Young spotted a small ad in a

copy of

Sports Car Market


Hutchinson seems to have an eye for cobra jewelry. He spotted two pages

worth in the June/July issue of

Town and Country

magazine. And here’s a

buzz-kill: if it’s in T&C you won’t find any of this stuff in the Dollar Store.

During WWII and Korea, American

G.I.s fresh out of the small towns or

off the farms across the country

were sent to Army training camps

in obscure places. For many it was

their first time away from home and

they looked for something to send to

their mother, wife, girlfriend or sis-

ter. Embroidered satin pillows were

sold in towns near the bases were

just what they were looking for.

Camp Shelby in Mississippi was

likely near the town of Shelby. This

is another Barranger find.

A cast bar sash lift is just a fancy

name for a window handle. We may be

showing our age but we know what a

sash is: the frame holding the glass in

a window which can be lifted up and

down to open or close it. Handles were

needed to move the window. They

don’t make windows like this any-

more. Barranger found this picture

during another one of his Internet


Young spotted the small photo of a

427 Cobra in a full page ad for Car

Quest lubricants that ran in a re-

cent issue of

Car Craft