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Summer 2016 19

CAR GUY SHTUFF – Bugs in Your

Teeth, Wind in Your Hair

by Bill

Fulk. 6 ˝ x 9˝ softcover; 259 pages, 62

black & white photos. Published by

Bill Fulk. Sacramento, California;



$9.99, $4.99 Kindle.

SAAC member Bill Fulk from

Sacramento, California began attend-

ing various Shelby meets in 2012 with

the idea of taking photos of the Cobras

he saw and writing a brief report of

what went on. Turns out he is a pretty

good writer, using a light, conversa-

tional style and adding enough obser-

vations and opinions to keep his

narrative moving right along. It’s

pleasantly addicting.

Fulk pretty much limited himself

to Shelby club publications: the Nor-

Cal Region’s monthly newsletter, “Dri-

ven,” and SAAC’s quarterly



magazine. This make sense

for two reasons. First, the subjects he

is covering are exactly what readers of

these publications are interested in.

And second, club publications always

have trouble trying to fill their pages

with good articles and pictures con-

tributed by members. With essentially

no budget to pay for anything, trying

to keep a club publication on schedule

depends on a steady stream of articles

and pictures. Once an issue is printed

there is another one coming along

right behind it. Editors are grateful for

interesting articles and the more well

written they are, the better. For people

who enjoy writing, it’s a perfect fit:

they can always find a spot for their

work. They are only limited by their


The book contains more than

thirty chapters which are, in essence,

reports of events he attended. The nub

of the book revolves around the

Cobra’s 50th birthday celebration. The

Cobra was introduced in 1962 and

when its 50th anniversary rolled

around, virtually every event on the

calendar had some sort of a Cobra

commemoration. They started in Las

Vegas, home of Shelby American, in

March with a “50th Anniversary

Bash.” A month later there was a cel-

ebration in Pomona, California at the

Wally Parks NHRA Museum and Fulk

was there, rubbing elbows with the

various VIPs and snapping pictures


Fulk next appeared up at SAAC’s

37th convention at Watkins Glen, on

the other side of the country. It had, as

part of its activities, yet another Cobra

anniversary celebration. It was here

that we caught up with Fulk and with

a wide grin on our face and our tongue

firmly planted inside our cheek, we

challenged him to cover every major

Cobra 50th Anniversary event: Auto

Week in Monterey including the Con-

cours on the Avenue in Carmel, the

vintage races at Mazda Raceway, the

Pebble Beach Concours, the show at

The Quail and a handful of auctions

sprinkled around the Monterey Penin-

sula. The NorCal Mini-Nats at Sears

Point Raceway in Sonoma, California;

the Shelby American Collection mu-

seum get-together in Boulder, Col-

orado; and the Goodwood Motorsports

Revival in England.

In all honesty, we never expected

Fulk to accept our challenge. He calls

Sacramento his home, so attending

the Mini-Nats and Monterey were no-

brainers. Boulder was more than a

hop, skip and jump away and a trip to

England? That was a major excursion.

When he filed reports for

The Shelby


and included photos his

stock rose exponentially.

This book goes beyond 2014 as

Fulk traces his tracks from event to

event through 2015, with an eye on

Cobras and Shelbys. Obviously not

many people can afford to go to all of

these events, so being able to read

about them is the next best thing.

Fulk’s words help bring them events

to life. We have recently learned that

Bill Fulk was named as editor of Nor-

Cal’s “Driven” magazine, so we expect

we will be seeing a lot more of his

“schtuff.” We have a feeling this might

be just the first such book. If that’s the

case, we look forward to the next one.

The 50th Anniversary of Ford’s iconic

1-2-3 finish at the 1966 LeMans 24-

Hour race will not go unnoticed by any

major event this year. The Pebble

Beach Concours will have three sepa-

rate event posters this year. Noted au-

tomotive artist Ken Eberts was

commissioned to do a poster of the

three 1966 GT40 MK II that finished

1-2-3 at LeMans in 1966. After their

appearance at LeMans, the three cars

will be shipped back to the U.S. where

they will be displayed at Pebble.

Eberts was a 21 year-old beginning de-

signer at Ford, assigned to projects

like the Econoline van, Falcon and

Galaxie. In the 1960s his heart was in

the GT40 program but he never got

near it. He subsequently founded the

Automotive Fine Arts Society. Five

decades after his time at Ford he was

asked by Edsel Ford to paint the iconic

Fords for the Pebble Beach concours.