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Summer 2016 27

SAAC member Jim Kreuz of Lake Jackson, Texas was on his first trip to Paris with his wife. That’s Paris, France – not

the Paris in northeastern Texas. As they were crossing a street he heard the unmistakable sound of a bundle-of-snakes

exhaust and barely had time to hold up his cell phone to get a picture. He later discovered there was a car show near

the Arc De Triomphe the next day, featuring a large number of classic cars participating in a five-stage road rally and

the GT40 was one of them. You don’t have to be Kreskin to predict that the odds are pretty good that the Kreuz’s visited

the Arc De Triomphe the next day. Vous ne pouvez jamais prevoir ce que vous verrez dans les rues de Paris!

Ray Shepherd of Penn Valley, California was vacationing in Victoria, British

Columbia about a year ago and saw this diorama in the Old Morris Tobacconist

shop. It portrayed a Cobra in a workshop. There were a couple other dioramas

on display but this was the only Cobra and it appeared they were all one-offs

and not mass produced. The price of $1,000 would seem to indicate that was

the case. Out of curiosity we went on their website ( They offer a lot of cartoon sculptures which

also appear to be one-offs and this black Cobra was among them. No size was given but the price of $465 would seem

to signal that it would have some size and heft. Definitely not something that would fit in the palm of your hand.