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We got the feeling that the open

track was better attended at SAAC-26

than at some previous conventions.

Why was that? There are a lot of pos-

sible reasons. One is that with more

open track opportunities taking place

in various regions, more members

were showing up with single-purpose

cars. Driving a car to the convention

(especially from long distances) makes

you think twice about running it hard

on the track because there’s always

that small voice in the back of your

head telling you to take it easy, be-

cause it has to get you back home. If

you have a track car or a vintage racer,

having a trailer/tow vehicle is just

about a necessity.

To increase the amount of track

time everyone would have, instead of

giving the vintage race cars their own

session they were sent out with the

cars in “A” group in the morning. Pass-

ing was only allowed on the straight.

There were separate practice sessions

in the afternoon for vintage racers be-

cause they needed the ability to pass

all around the track.

The schedule called for everyone to

be on their own for dinner on Friday

night. The evening program was held

at the Hilton, where artists and liter-

ature collectors/vendors were invited

to present their wares. Everyone ap-

preciated the opportunity of examin-

ing this stuff indoors where it was air

conditioned instead of out at the track

under the blazing sun with noise and

dust swirling around. As one partici-

pant put it, “

much more civilized



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